Get Rid of Allergies from Hair Colors & Hair Dyes

Allergies from a Hair dye can be a nightmare for both men & women. It is primarily due to certain ingredients which are present in contemporary Hair dyes launched by famous/advertised brands. Besides causing Skin Allergies, Asthma, Cancer & Toxicity on Nervous system, these ingredients weakens hair, causes Hair loss & other hair related ailments.

Scientists at Couple & Twins SAS France and Institute of Natural & Modern Cosmetech promised to make this a thing of the Past. Their Natural Hair color launched in Netherlands in 2006 (now available in other parts of the world), this is on the verge of becoming Europe's best selling Natural Hair Color. ‘Indus Valley’ hair colors are based on natural organic ingredients.

Why should you choose Gel Color for hair?

'Your hair will look beautiful, as INDUS VALLEY Gel Color covers grey hair perfectly, nourishes & conditions hair well without harmful chemicals. You can maintain your healthy & beautiful hair naturally'. Says Dr. Harinder Arya, Director Institute of Natural Modern Cosmetech.

Contemporary  heavily advertised Hair colors often makes numerous promises without delivering, but 'Indus Valley' is backed by cutting edge science & has been dermatologically tested/recommended by Dermatologists of India. They have been successfully prescribing it for the last 2 years in Hyderabad & Delhi. According to a study, these hair colors are safer than most of the contemporary hair color due to the fact that these are MORE NATURAL, With No HARMFUL CHEMICALS.

Start Indus Valley as early as possible to have safer (not harmful) ingredients on your crown & Get rid of possible allergies!  There are 2 variants, each with 10 shades. Gel Color is meant for people who are looking for SAFER hair color with Herbal base without?”
a trace of paraphenylene Diamine (PPD), Ammonia, Heavy metals and No Hydrogen Peroxide required. Its herbal ‘certified organic Herbs like Aloe Vera, Amla & Orange Oils’ Nourishes, Protect and Moisturise hair which enables a rich, radiant and long lasting color, volume and shine. The best part is that you enjoy the color when it’s on your hair with a refreshing aroma of orange & not pungent ammonia smell.  

Who should use Hypoallergenic Aqua hair color?

Another Variant 100% Botanical Color is for the people who are extremely sensitive to any kind of chemical. This excellent Hypoallergenic Hair color uses 100% pure, premium botanicals which are certified organic or collected by its staff from Himalayas & plains of India. It is expertly blended to achieve a rich rainbow of colors with soft and gentle conditioning effects. This is 100% Natural with No Chemicals at all. This is "GUARANTEED 100% NATURAL'

  “Covers gray hair perfectly, nourishes & conditions hair well without harmful chemicals”

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