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Not just organic, but certified organic is how we describe our products as. And there is a big difference! Our products are powered with plant materials that are handpicked farm-fresh by dedicated farmhands from select organic farms in India. And we follow the strictest protocols for maintaining the purity of our ingredients and for extracting their truest essence. So much so that the two most reputed international organisations which certify the organicity of products entering the US and European markets, USDA Organic and ECOCERT, gladly certify our products as well as being truly organic.

no harsh chemicals

100% transparency comes when pure and certified organic ingredients are used for making enriching and superbly nourishing blends for physical beautification. And we have been doing exactly that. That’s why our products come free of all harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, silicones, petroleum jelly, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and heavy metals. Crafted with handpicked natural ingredients assembled with scientific diligence, we process our products in an FDA approved facility following ISO and GMP compliances, ensuring that whatever goes on your skin and hair is the safest and best for you.


When you claim to be truly organic, the onus lies on you to work with plant materials that are not just grown without taking the help of any artificial chemicals, but also those which are not genetically modified in any way. Only then a product can be described as truly organic. With this fervour in our hearts, we went about working with not just natural but non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) herbs. Our products undergo rigorous verification and testing because we believe that nature knows best.

crulty free

Do you love animals? Then you should choose us. As the world modernises, its people and its science are getting more and more impersonal and cruel. To test whether a product is safe on humans or not, poor unsuspecting animals are being put through horrendous tortures. More so in the cosmetics industry worldwide. Indus Valley has taken one step forward in making our world safer and more loving for our dear furry friends. None of our products are tested on animals, which makes all our products truly cruelty-free.

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