Damage Free Black 1.00 Gel Hair Color


Use this organic, natural hair color gel to dye your hair. With the help of an inventive herbal mixture that contains the nourishing and enhancing essence of eight certified organic herbs, you may now feel as beautiful as you appear.

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It is an ammonia-free, damage-free gel hair color that does not contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide. A substance called hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair in order to deposit dye, which turns naturally coloured hair grey. Since gel hair colour is a natural hair color and does not include hydrogen peroxide, it only colors the hair that is already grey, not the hair that was previously coloured. In other words, it won't remove your hair's natural color. Additionally, because it contains the goodness of 8 super-exotic herbs for hair care that feed and condition hair, it not only stops additional greying but also the dryness, roughness, and breakage of hair that chemical hair dyes would otherwise cause. Using this cutting-edge PPD Free Hair Color, you can colour your hair at home in just 35 minutes, and the colour will stay for up to 5 weeks. Six vivacious, exquisite tones of Indus Valley's new Damage-Free Gel Color give you greater freedom to play around with our Organic Hair Color, especially if you're a beginner. It is completely vegan and cruelty-free hair dye.

No harsh chemicals, no hair damages

Indus Valley New Damage-Free Gel Colour is a special herbal formulation free of harsh chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide (bleach), PPD, parabens, or resorcinols. It does not result in dryness, hair breakage, hair loss, or an increase in grey hairs.

Goodness of 8 exotic herbs

An organically natural hair colour, it works with the goodness of 8 organic herbs. Together they help nourish the scalp, repair previously caused hair damages, strengthen up the roots and allow healthy hair to grow.

Colour upto 5 weeks

No more time-consuming and expensive salon appointments; you may now complete the task on your own without professional assistance. You can now color your hair in just 35 minutes with Indus Valley gel hair dye, and the color will stay for around 5 weeks.

More fun hair colouring

With its 6 beautiful and brilliant tints, Indus Valley's New Damage-Free Gel Color gives you greater freedom to experiment with hair colors, especially if you're a beginner. It won't ever harm your hair because it is organically natural, and it will disappear after five weeks.

  • After pre-shampooing, towel-dry your hair.

  • With gloves on, combine powdered hair color sachets and an Aloe Orange Gel tube in a plastic bowl (the amount depends on the length of your hair).

  • Using the included 2-in-1 applicator brush, evenly distribute the mixture throughout the length of your hair.

  • Give it around 35 minutes to rest.

  • Normal water and Color Protective Conditioning Shampoo should be used to rinse.

  • Apply the Hair Eaze Spa Mask to condition your hair.

  • Use regular water to rinse, then pat dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sandra William
ammonia free hair color

You would actually love a organic hair color that not only completely hides your grey hairs but also lasts longer than many other highly priced brands. After using it for the first time, I was totally fascinated with how well it covered my hair and gave it extra shine. I've placed another indus valley ammonia free hair color!

Lucia Vasquez
Easy to use and gives your hair shine

It is simple to use from the ease of your home, simply follow the directions provided in the manual. It is organic hair color. It is free from ppd, ammonia and very harsh chemical free hair color.

jessica denise
burgundy hair color.

Excellent indus valley gel burgundy hair color. Long-lasting, hair looks shiny, and it is simple to use. I think I have found the ppd free and chemical free hair color. I plan to use it for the rest of my life.

Rebecca Mack
best hair color

The best hair color I have ever used is this one. It is chemical free hair color and still reasonably priced. Excellent packaging and timely delivery. It contains no ammonia or bleach of any kind. The conditioning shampoo they gave me is excellent. It makes my hair feel extremely soft and healthy.

kathy withakay
nice natural hair color

I have loved using this hair color for the past 25 years. Never had the urge to wander because it has never damaged my hair. IT is a fantastic natural hair color. This hair coloring is amazing. It is helpful.

Damage Free Black 1.00 Gel Hair Color
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