How a hair color makes you to enjoy hair coloring

You may dye your hair in many different methods, including in a salon, at home with a kit, or with a temporary color spray. However, conventional hair dyes could include potentially harmful and poisonous substances like parabens or ammonia. Natural hair dyes, which frequently employ materials you might already have at home, are one method to avoid toxic chemicals. Here are some guide tips to choose a right natural hair dye to color your hair safely-

  1. We should not choose extremely light or extremely dark colors to put on our hair as these looks are harsh against mature skin which in case of Indians is wheatish to brown & brown to black.
  2. Always use Dark brown or Black or Reddish (Chestnut or Burgundy) shades to cover grey or for fashion, these shades blend better with our skin tone.
  3. Always check on the ingredients list present on the label and AVOID para phenylene diamine (PPD) that is used in high quantities to produce dark colors like black or Dark Brown. PPD is a known skin irritant, poison and a possible cancer producing ingredient (carcinogen).
  4. Another ingredient which must be avoided is pungent ammonia which causes asthma, and causes difficulties in breathing.
  5. Try to avoid poor quality henna, black henna or Kali mehendi as it contains para Phenylene diamine and Barium, which is a heavy metal and toxic.
  6. Natural henna is a good solution if your grey /white hair is less than 5-10%.  However, henna applied on more white hair gives an unpleasant Orangish/Reddish look.
  7. 100% natural hair colors that are free from any kind of chemical must be tried if you have more than 10% grey/white hair.

You can start Indus valley hair colors to cover your gray hair and save yourself from any side effects or allergies. According to a study, Indus Valley hair colors are more safe than any of the contemporary hair colors as these are more natural without any harmful chemicals like Para phenylene diamaine , Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide or Barium /Heavy metals .

There are 2 variants each with 12 shades. The first one is Permanent herbal Gel color and another is 100% Botanical hair color which is Hypoallergenic and made up with premium Certified Organic Herbs without a trace of chemical. You can contact your doctor to know more.

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