100% Botanical Hypo Allergic Dark Brown Aqua Color


This hair colour contains 8 miraculous organic herbs , especially created for people with extremely sensitive and allergy skin. It contains no additional chemicals. For people who no longer wish to expose their hair or scalp to harmful chemicals, Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Aqua Colour offers an unbeatable hair colouring solution.

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The goodness of 8 miracle hair-care and hair-colouring herbs is how Indus Valley New Hypo Allergenic Hair Dye functions. Without using any chemicals at all, the herbs are processed and grown organically. The hair colour functions with a pH balance that is kind to skin, between 5 and 7, and is specifically made for people with sensitive skin and allergy-prone skin. Without the use of any synthetic chemicals, it gives hair a pleasing dark brown colour. With no animal by products or extracts and no animal testing, Indus Valley allergy-free hair colour is a genuinely vegan and cruelty-free organic hair colour. It has been dermatological tested and is a mild PPD-free formulation.

Specially designed for allergy-prone skin and scalp

It is completely safe for persons with sensitive and allergy-prone scalps to use Ammonia- Free Aqua Hair Colour, which is constructed of 8 hair colouring and hair care herbs. Because it doesn't include any potentially hazardous synthetics like PPD, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, heavy metals, PEGs, parabens, mineral oils, or résorcinols, it is exceptionally delicate and protective.

Only has 100% botanical ingredients

Crafted with all-natural and 100% botanical herbs, it has no added chemicals whatsoever. Four, out of these eight super hair care herbs—Indigo, Henna, Manjistha and Chamomile, assist with hair colouring, while the other four—Senna, Amla, Brahmi and Fenugreek, help repair hair damages. Together all 8 help nourish and condition hair.

Colours with care

It is a completely natural hair colour that simultaneously adds colour, volume, health, and vitality to the texture of the hair. With added minerals and nutrients, its herbal recipe also protects hair from grime, pollution, and UV radiation, giving it a natural sparkle and freshness while hiding grey hairs.

Works with a skin-friendly pH balance

Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour is one of the most skin-friendly options now offered in online markets since it contains botanical herbs that help restore the ideal pH balance of the hair and scalp, which should be between 5 and 7.

Step 1: Application with Pouch A (Primer)
  • Your hair needs a pre-wash.

  • Your hair length would determine the amount of powder. One to two pouches of Aqua Hair colour are needed for hair that is neck to armpit length, and two boxes are sufficient for hair that is full length.

  • Put gloves on. Pour the required quantity of Pack Prepare a thick mixture free of lumps and granules by combining a powder with boiling water in a non-metallic container.

  • Use the Applicator Brush to apply the liquid when it has cooled to lukewarm temperature and let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes.

  • After rinsing away the buildup, pat dry your hair.

Step 2: Application with Pouch B (Colour)
  • Follow the same steps as with Pack A to prepare the colour mixture with Pack B.

  • Apply the mixture to your hair, then leave it in for an additional 45 to 2 hours.

  • Use water to wash your hair.

  • Apply the Spa to your hair and scalp, then wait 15 minutes. Wash with water thereafter.

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100% Botanical Hypo Allergic Dark Brown Aqua Color
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