Hair Ultima Spa 175 ml


With Indus Valley Hair Ultima Spa, thinning hair is a big NO. The best treatment for hair thinning, dry, frizzy hair, dandruff, hair loss, and many other issues, it is simple to apply at home.

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With its exceptional revitalising mix, Indus Valley Hair Ultima Spa conditioner effectively tackles the majority of typical hair and scalp-related concerns. With the richness of 12 extremely unique organic herbs, it deeply feeds hair follicles, preventing hair loss and thinning while boosting bounce, volume, and shine. To grow hair that is long, thick, and strong, it delivers a powerful dose of nourishment to the epidermal layers of the scalp and hair roots.

A specialized formula that counters hair thinning

A specifically formulated herbal remedy called Hair Ultima Spa addresses problems with hair loss and thinning hair. It deeply penetrates the scalp and feeds the hair follicles, resulting in thick, strong hair.

Vitamins and antioxidants that add Lustre

The hair spa cream works holistically, allowing the scalp and follicles to absorb up nutrients, improving their gloss and bounce organically. Ultima Hair Spa Contains Vitamins and antioxidants that provide hair & scalp perfect nutrients power.

Suits all hair types

It is a wonderful refreshing treat for all types of scalp and hair because it is made without harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates, or petroleum jelly. It has no adverse effects because, at its foundation, it is herbal.

Best economical hair spa at home

This lightweight, non-greasy conditioning mask gives hair salon-quality care at home with ease. One of the top hair spa creams for at-home holistic hair care, according to user reviews.

  • Use a gentle, natural shampoo to give your hair a thorough wash.

  • Apply Indus Valley Hair Ultima Spa conditioner evenly to your scalp and to your somewhat damp hair after towel-drying it.

  • After 15 minutes of settling, wash with regular water. It can also be used to hair as a leave-in conditioner.

  • Use twice weekly for ideal outcomes.

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Hair Ultima Spa 175 ml
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